Buyer Rebate

Some real estate brokers offer consumers cash refunds or non-cash incentives to encourage them to use that broker’s services. Rebates are typically cash payments from the real estate broker to his or her client after closing. Incentives may include gift certificates, closing-cost payments, or free ancillary services such as home inspections or moving services.   Buyer rebates are legal; reference the Department of Justice .

More than  90% of home buyers in California do research on the internet before making their home purchase.  In many cases the buyers find the home they desire on line then hire an agent to procure the home.  The seller then pays the buyers agent 2.5% in most cases and the listing agent.  A real estate rebate is a great way for buyers to maximize their purchasing power. When you receive a real estate rebate, you effectively pay less (thousands less) for the property than a buyer who does not receive a home buyer rebate.






 REBATE                80%                0
 MLS SEARCH CUSTOMIZED                 √               √
PROPERTY UPDATES VIA EMAIL                   √                √
PROPERTY APPOINTMENTS                   √               √
COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS                   √               √
OFFER PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION                  √               √
MANAGE INSPECTIONS                   √               √
EXPERT GUIDANCE THROUGH ESCROW                   √               √
 SMARTPHONE MLS SEARCH                  √               √
 OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE                  √               √



If you locate the home yourself the commission credits are as much as 90%.

Selling a property and buying a property? If you are then you can sell your house for free and get a credit on top of that!

Get a Home Buyer Rebate

We believe that offering our clients a home buyer rebate is the best interest of all parties involved. We are a little bit old fashioned in that we believe that companies can be successful by offering their very best service at a fantastic value. Home buyer rebates are the best way to maximize your savings when you purchase a house.  

Commission Rebate from a discount Realtor

We get paid commission when we help a buyer purchase a home. Your rebate comes from this commission. We give all of our a buyers a commission rebate. This can equal a commission refund of tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how much commission we receive.

Some people may refer to a real estate rebate as home buyer rebatebuyer rebatehome buyers rebate, and commission rebatecommission refunddiscount broker. 

Does the rebate program apply to homes on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

As long as you have signed a buyer broker contract with GRX Real Esate, you will receive a buyer rebate of 80% of our comission based on the sale price of your house.